Monday 2 July 2012

Despair In a Minute

This is the anatomy of the beast that is despair:
ten red shirts, fine-tuned, attuned, coming at nine blue ones in disarray, hanging on.
Fire running towards water.

Thiago Motta, his hamstring, and Italy snap.
2-0 turns to 4-0 turns to history.
Briny shirts, teary eyes.                                                                      
Bandwagon jumpers
sworn Spanish fans since circa 2008.

Pathetic. Painful. Despair:
look into it and glimpse its anatomy.

We reach the Final every six years:

1994, 2000, 2006, 2012.
We look towards 2018
Too far away.                                                                                            
Too far away.

Pirlo and I will almost be forty!                                                
Warm middle-age interrupted
Churn of Spanish
production line of
cyborg talent in the distance.

More bandwagon jumpers,
The mediocre upon mediocre
the magnificent.

Make the incantation stop.                                                                  
Don't utter.

But say the beautiful:
Balo, black, bicycle
Pirlo, penalty, panenka
Balo, black, blistering

Anatomy of hope:
Straight, limber, and sturdier
flicks away the despair.

We wait for Gli Azzurri.
With hope.

1 comment:

  1. Well written, my friend. A shame about Chiellini and then Motta. Motta was a strange substitution on the first place I thought and then to lose him altogether it was an unjust punishment for the Azzurri. Spain's first half performance was as good as anything they have played in the tournament but Italy had chances and if Casillas did not save from Di Natale early in the second half it might have been a different history altogether. Still I think Italy have done themselves proud when nobody expected them to do anything in this championship. Pirlo is still magic...